Artist CV

Maria's work has been collected in the US, UK and Europe.  She has exhibited at The Mall Galleries London and The South West Academy of Fine & Applied Arts, amongst others.  She has currently passed the first round for entry to The Royal Hibernian Exhibition, Dublin (2020) with "Somebody Loves Me” and also for The English Art Club, Mall Galleries, with “About to Rain….”  She received a Special Merit in March 2020 for her painting "Winter" from Light Space Time online art gallery.

Her work aims at a realism/abstract style aiming to capture a mood or memory.  She is drawn to pattern and simplification and playing with words. Her sculptures, however, often stem from experimenting with materials, such as the whimsical “Knitter’s Chair”.  Recently, she has been inspired by Beatrix Potter’s tale of the “Tailor of Gloucester” resulting hopefully in a soft sculpture of the tailor in the future.

Inspiration has been drawn from the Dhunami teachings ( and researching artists such as Mach, Matisse, Klimt, Sonya Delaunay and Claes Oldenburg.