For Public Distribution March 31, 2021

HU is an ancient, sacred name for God as is the word Sugmad which can be pronounced Soog-mahd or sometimes Soog-mahg. It can be sung or chanted as a whole (Hyoo) or in parts (Aych-yoo). HU can be sung as a plea, expressed as gratitude, or imbued with Divine Love. It is up to the chela or student as to how and when it is used. However, it may be found that the greatest upliftment comes from using the word in one’s darkest moments.

Some teach that HU is a love song to God which is a fallacy designed to draw attention to the emotional states in order to control and manipulate people by use of the psychic tactics. Similarly, others insist that a ‘modern evolution’ has updated HU to ‘Nu’ or ‘Yu’ or ‘Wu’. Both of these control methods are deployed to deny people the genuine gift of HU by substituting a lower, psychic expression and intent while drawing the attention to an area where the host or leader is able to effectively operate in order to manipulate and deceive people. These systems often work because the feeling of the astral world and the relative neutrality of the causal plane are initially more apparent to one’s consciousness than the experience of the upper atmosphere; the pure, positive God Worlds.

The individual whose spiritual motives include total awareness and service to Sugmad must be far more motivated and discerning in their choice of spiritual terms and teachers. It is a brave Soul who chooses to accept the Ancient Science of Dhunami and who sincerely wishes to live this way of life. In essence, it is a declaration of war against the people, entities and forces of the psychic worlds who are both jealous and disbelieving of that Soul’s genuine intent. It is for these reasons that the true chela’s psychic bodies must be constantly protected by the Living Dhunami Master of the Time who may also be known as the Living Temple of HU.

Sugmad embodies, guards and protects the existence and viability of ITs name and vibration as represented in the psychic worlds of being by and through the Living Temple of HU. This is the sole reason for the continual existence of a Living Master in the physical worlds. Souls must be granted the earned opportunity of being gradually withdrawn from karma in the psychic levels and added into Sugmad’s service in a correlative state of vibrational purity.

The notion of a Living Temple dispels the requirement for a physical structure. The Ancient Science of Dhunami, and all of its genuine former iterations, cared little about building houses of worship or designating certain plots of ground as sacred. While the establishment of so-called ‘power spots’ have been managed down through time, their purpose has been to help balance the planet the Living Master may be inhabiting while providing a bit of clear psychic space for his work with the Dhuna or chelas. However, these spots can move or be withdrawn when no longer needed or when their purity might create an imbalance for those who live in the area.

The Living Temple of HU coalesces with the existence of a Living Dhunami Master who in turn coalesces with each Dhunami chela in order to serve their spiritual growth. By this process, Sugmad demonstrates the fact that spiritual opportunity is real, approachable and adaptable to the era, society and moment within which IT chooses to install ITself. The Living Temple of HU remains mobile, flexible and instantly open to changing circumstances yet spiritually rooted in the constancy of the pure, positive God Worlds which is why the core principles of Dhunami never change regardless of the current moniker, Living Master or method of delivery. The teachings are never lost to time; they don’t become antiquated, cult-like, illegible or pious.

While he can occasionally be met in the human form, the Living Temple of HU may be accessed anywhere, anytime through contemplation. There’s no need to travel or reach out psychically. All that is ever required is to enter by becoming still and visiting one’s heart center where the Inner Master, Piloji holds open the Inner Doorway.

The Living Master/Temple of HU expresses many qualities written of elsewhere that the chela will come to know by regular inner experience with him. However, the qualities that most concern the Dhuni are the ‘twin pillars’ of the Divine Dhun Spirit, typically referred to as the light and sound. They are the foundation upon which Soul, and therefore each chela’s consciousness is anchored in existence.

The light illuminates the path, while the sound, or sound current provides an audible road map showing the way to the next spiritual step or area in which the Dhuni is ready to become established. These aspects of Sugmad are accessed and revealed within oneself by the use of HU, or the initiate’s personal word, while practicing the daily spiritual exercises. They come in waves; a little speck of light, various sounds, the high-pitched, faint whistle being most common.

Through the Living Temple of HU, the twin pillars or the light and sound are posted in the psychic worlds as a great column of light (rod of power), vibrating with the sound current. When looking inside this brilliant shaft one views two columns. On

the right side of the Master’s form is the pillar dispensing the sound current, which expresses Sugmad’s power and freedom qualities. The left column expresses the light, or Sugmad’s love and wisdom aspects. It is by and through this structure that the foundation of the universes are built and maintained. The Temple of HU may be seen and experienced inwardly like any other Dhunami Wisdom Temple.

When the Dhuna sit for a spiritual exercise, partaking of the light and sound current, they are entering the Temple of HU in Soul, accessing this concentration of Sugmad’s qualities and developing similar columnar structures based upon the model of ITs lofty, eternal foundation. The Living Master sees that the chela’s foundation is built gradually and carefully in order to create a structure as unshakeable as the Divine mould from whence it springs. In this way, the Dhuni will be in a position to withstand the tumult that often comes with advanced spiritual unfoldment while maintaining a relative balance in the process.

When singing the HU, one should be aware that the H represents the Light (love and wisdom) aspect of Divine Spirit and U, the Sound (power and freedom) aspect. One may choose to work with and experience any one or all of these facets during the spiritual exercise, but Divine Love is the key to access on the ‘H’ side of the word. The daily use of the exercise stimulates these latent, Divine qualities in each chela, building upon the realization that one is of Sugmad and none other. Continued exposure to, and immersion in the Temple of HU leads to more tolerance of the finer vibrations, higher initiations and more opportunities for service to Sugmad.

Within the Living Temple of HU the Dhuni’s consciousness is evaluated, instruction is given, the personality profiles are reviewed and one’s path of surrender is adjusted. When another spiritual step or initiation is available and ready to be taken, the Inner Master offers a personal, specialized word; a derivative of HU, vibrationally tuned to the Dhuni’s consciousness. The specialized word helps establish and balance the awareness in the new area of that plane’s qualities while helping the chela to pass through the sub-levels therein. Yet, all words inevitably fold back into and remain connected with the purity of HU.

Baraka Bashad!

© Dhunami 2021